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Our Spectrum

Wellness for Organizations

Achieve high quality Employee Engagement through data based Wellness Program. Get analytics on the various wellness aspects of your organization.

Wellness for Individuals

Know yourself better. Understand your wellness needs – physical, mental and social. Develop a personalized Wellness program.


a state of complete PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SOCIAL well being.


Enter Physical reports

Enter Medical Test reports

Record Family history

Wellness Assessment questionnaires

Assess your Wellness

A holistic assessment of your Wellness - Physical, Mental, Social.

Analyses your assessment reports

Determines Wellness concerns you may have

Determines the wellness interventions you need

Develops a personalized Wellness Program for you

Personal Wellness Program

Let our system generate a personalized wellness plan for you.

Decide the wellness methodology of your choice

Find Solution Providers in the area of your choice

Displays the different options on the map

Displays user rating (star rating) where available

Find your Wellness Provider

We'll help you find the best wellness providers that fit your personal needs.

Data is completely secure

Ability to share reports with Service Providers

Continuous record keeping

Ability to export data while closing account

Partners Forever

Maintain your wellness records, track your progress forever.


Adopt WELLNESS before it's too LATE...

Product information

  • About Whealthboard

    Whealthard is a non-stop 360 degree wellness recording and analysis system. It motivates and encourages you to keep your wellness focus going – continuously.

    Whealthboard is developed by Qworks, with the help of a growing list of eminent consultants across different domains.

  • Features

    Whealthboard is a feature rich and multi-faceted wellness management system

    • Maintains all the records – forever.
    • Allows you to enter your wellness assessment data.
    • Give you graphical analysis of your assessment parameter and wellness issues.
    • Develops a personal solution for each member.
  • Technical Information

    • Cloud based : Hosted on a cloud to drive down your maintenance headaches and enable better benchmarking.
    • Completely secure : The system is hosted on a highly secure Amazon cloud.
    • License based usage : This ensures that we constantly innovate to keep you happy and interested..
    • Lightweight service oriented architecture: to ensure better response times.

About us

Whealthboard is the flagship product of Qworks Techonologies, we use a growing list of eminent consultants to do what we do with quality and accuracy...

Dr. Krishna Prasad Sreedhar: practicing psychologist, post-graduate diploma in Medical and Social Psychology from NIMHANS. Former Professor and HOD of the Psychology, University of Kerala. He has a penchant for learning and research. Modern in thought and always open to newer and better approaches in his field.

Dr. Babu Varghese: comes with more than 50years of experience. Retired as the Deputy Director of Health (Government of Kerala) in the year 2000. Contemporary thinker with an open mind and a passion for wellness of both adults and children.

Ms Dyna Ganapathy: Veteran HR specialist who has worked in large corporations in India, South East Asia and Europe. She has a passion for people and organizational wellness.

Our Pricing Plans

Individual - Simple

Wellness Recording

Wholistic Wellness Questionnaires

Auto Wellness Assessments

Personalized Wellness Program

By Invitation

Individual - Premium

Global Visibility

Share Wellness Records

Direct Entry Of Wellness Records

Wellness Course Monitoring



Upto 7 Family Members

Relative Condition Tracking

Single Window Record Management

Easy Reccord Separation



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